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Saturday, 03 November 2012 01:40

JoomLike: Ready for Release...?

After the announcement some time ago, some things impeded the development of JoomLike - as usual when it's done in your spare time.

But now it's definitely not long to go. A preview version was released on the Demo-2.5 page and it will be significantly changed. I can already say that what looks very simple, has a sophisticated framework for any type of website and it is the most important template, which i could ever release. It should be able to provide a basic framework for every multi-complex websites, while be optimal displayed on every screen (whether mobile or flat) for every user. As I think, the technical challenge here wasn't really addressed in commercial and non-commercial templates. Either Joomla templates are not mobile ready (which is unacceptable in view of the technological development), or if they are responsive / mobile-ready, they are so specific that websites with lots of information and module positions can not use them. JoomLike will help soon.

Live Demo


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