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Среда, 01 Апрель 2015 02:37

sunshine 3.0 - Free Responsive Joomla Template

module positions

offcanvas, banner, footer, breadcrumbs, search, social, mainmenu, position-1, position-2, position-3, position-4, position-5, position-6, position-7



Logo, Google Font, Template Width, Color Management, Sticky (Addon), Sidebar Visibility on mobile devices


offcanvas module position

There is an extra module position "offcanvas" which is only accessible on mobile devices. You should double your mainmenu at the positions "mainmenu" and "offcanvas"




There is an extra offcanvas module position to display sidebars (e.g. "left") in mobile devices. Also there is a Accordion Addon in that area. If you want to use the accordion feature then create a dummy link ("Systemlinks" -> "External URL" with "#" as "link") and add some subelements.




Live Demo


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